Pilot Project for Community Engagement in Water Conservation at Ali Curung

Live & Learn Environmental Education was contracted by Power and Water Corporation to design a community water conservation program for a program in Ali Curung. The overall aim of the project was to design effective methods to engage and empower Indigenous communities to manage demand for water and to achieve tangible savings. Ali Curung was the second highest water user among remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory and thus an ideal candidate for a water conservation program.

Live & Learn has designed the community water conservation program by employing the principles of our ‘Sustainable Development Model’ (SDM). The basic premise of the SDM is to enable and empower communities to achieve greater self‐reliance in meeting their own needs through increased participation, ownership and development of relevant knowledge and skills. This approach contrasts with a ‘service delivery model,’ which is the current Northern Territory standard in terms of how services are accessed and provided in remote communities.