Vietnam Activities

In addition to formal projects, the team in Viet Nam have conducted a variety of education activities with and for young people in Hanoi.

These have included:

  • Cooperate with FPT company, Alpha Books, FPT University, Boo, Koto to develop environment and social activities for schools and enterprises
  • Consult, research and review reference documents to develop a baseline data and National action plan on education for sustainable development (ESD) in Vietnam in cooperation with UNESCO Hanoi, the National Committee on the Education for the Sustainable Development and related educational agencies.
  • Facilitate, consult and develop national documentation on “Community based disaster risks management” with CECI and Join advocacy network in Disaster Management, lead by Care Vietnam.
  • Participate in the Vietnam – Australian NGO VANGOCA program evaluation on Disaster Management and Rural Water and Sanitation sponsored by AUSAID for International NGOs in Vietnam
  • Share information, conduct surveys for project “Promoting Animal Welfare” and “Reduce the impacts of natural disasters on domestic animals in Vietnam” in partnership with World Society for Protection of Animal - WSPA in Asia).
  • Conduct one national-wide survey on Youth and Integrity Index in close collaboration with Towards Transparency (Vietnam representative of Transparency International)