Live True: Participatory youth education for integrity

Black & White and Be Change Agents programs

Viet Nam experiences widespread and entrenched corruption with the practice of demanding unofficial payments common. A 2012 World Bank survey found that around 30% of people paid unofficial fees to receive healthcare, or when applying for a job in the state sector, and 47% paid traffic police. Youth are not exempt, with instances of students using bribery for school admission, higher marks or better jobs.

Live & Learn, in partnership with Plan International and Oxfam are educating and mobilising youth to advocate for good governance and transparency in Viet Nam. The goal of this initiative is to ‘increase awareness and responsible action in living true – honestly’. These projects aim to improve youth’s skills in ethical analysis, to build the network of youth change-agents, to support youth-led actions, and to encourage peer-to-peer sharing of values.   


Projects within this thematic area are:

Be Change Agents

Funded by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Timeframe: 2011-2013

The project organises training courses for youth leaders across Viet Nam on the issues of good governance, active citizenship, sustainable development and delivers skills ranging from project design and management to network building and effective communication. 

Every year, Over 100 young people participated in the training across 3 regions. Activities were led by 'Be Change Agents' and included:

  • International Environment Day in Binh Duong.
  • ‘Let’s take the bus!’ event in Ho Chi Minh City which attracted over 1400 participants.
  •  Supporting 'Clean Up the World' day in Xuan Thu school in Soc Son.
  •  Over 250 young people participating in 19 events across the country.
  • Over 400 young people organising, networking and planning activities together.

Black or White

Funded by United Nations Development Programme, World Bank and Towards Transparency
Timeframe: November 2012

Black or White is a series of events, including nation-wide workshops and training sessions that engage young people on the issues of corruption, transparency and good governance. The series was organised by 12 young participants of the 'Be Change Agents' program. Six hundred participants in this program were encouraged to discuss governance issues, share their own experiences and talk about how these issues impact their daily lives. The project has built a network of youth who are committed to integrity and anti-corruption.