Imagining Tomorrow Fiji

Project Aim: To heighten awareness among children in Fiji of practical ways to develop peace and multi-cultural dialogue.

Background: Based on the Durban Declaration and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (adopted by the UN in 1989), Imagining Tomorrow recognizes that children and youth are often victims of racism and rarely have the social skills to deal with racism and intimidation.

Activities : This peace education project for primary students in Fiji has been introduced to existing HOPE schools, and new schools that have registered to join the HOPE network, and will participate in HOPE activities for the next three years under the theme HOPE for Peace. HOPE for Peace targets primary students in more than 100 HOPE schools around Fiji , and will involve the use of a mobile Peace Education facility (the Peace Bus) and Peace Team delivering peace education to schools. A Peace Building Toolkit for teachers and students and will also be developed. In 2006 the Peace Team conducted a rapid assessment of perceptions (RAP) with over 60 schools in Fiji and trialed over 30 peace education activities with students and teachers during school visits to over 80 schools. In 2007, teacher training workshops with the theme, “Re-orienting Education- Peace through a Sustainability Lens” have been conducted in 5 districts involving over 120 teachers. The HOPE for Peace Bus has also been launched and will travel to participating schools and communities facilitating peace education activities.