Green Generation

We are Green Generation 

Vietnamese youths are becoming increasingly equipped with globally-updated information and technology, foreign languages and modern knowledge. In the one hand, many volunteers groups are mushrooming to show their concern and care for social and environmental issues. In the other hand, the populous generation of Vietnam faces ecological literacy challenges as the whole country is struggling toward its socio economic growth. Many Vietnamese see climate change issues as abstract, too big problem to relate to their daily life, or their action is not influencing to the big picture.

The network of Green Generation was founded since the middle of 2008 – from the initiative of some young people and environmental voluntary groups under the encouragement of Live & Learn. From concerns about climate change and related issues, young people want to connect with each other and build a network, an active young generation which is willing to change their awareness and actions to build a sustainable life. Besides, up to now, there are not many governmental and non-governmental organizations supporting activities of the network of young people acting to prevent climate change. There are also many practical and creative activities to protect the environment that young people want to carry out but they are obstructed by legal problems or experience shortage during the implementation.

The Green Generation Network - the network of youth organizations and individuals who share concerns and are willing to learn and take action for a sustainable way of life, was facilitated by Live & Learn Vietnam and received good support and partnership with Oxfam, British Council, CARE International in Vietnam, Embassy of Finland and like-minded organizations and individuals. With motivation and enthusiasm, The Green Generation Network promotes youths and community to be Aware of and Act to address climate change.

Highlight of 2009 was the organization of the first national youth Summit of Sustainable Development with the theme “Climate Change: be Aware and Act”. 65 active green change agents gathered to share awareness and action on climate change, building network and concrete action plans for the year ahead.

2010 was a very busy and exciting year for Live & Learn to facilitate and network young people, youth groups and students across Vietnam for climate awareness and action.  Green Generation has reached and connected youths in over 15 provinces and promoted youth-led campaigns and actions on big campaigns throughout the year with Earth Hour,  Let's join Eco-Handprints, the 350 on 10.10.2010. And the second National Summit on Youth and Sustainable Development was a beautiful event with 80 active green change agents sharing green initiatives, building network and concrete action plans for “Tomorrow Starts Today”. (Website: