Grassroots Democracy - Solomons

Building Grassroots Democracy in rural and vulnerable areas of the Solomon Islands

In recent years Solomon Islands has experienced significant civil turmoil, increasing social and economic inequality; corruption; high unemployment (particularly for youth); ethnic tensions; environmental degradation; and declining health, education and living standards. The development solutions to counteract the current challenges being faced by Solomon Islands are compromised by lack of democratic governance and good leadership at community, local, provincial and national level. There is an obvious need for a strong, organised and well functioning civil society that continuously demands good governance, adherence to democratic practice and transparent leadership from both local and national leaders.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen political participation and democratic inclusiveness of young people in civil society through education and capacity building. The project is implemented in four provinces of the Solomon Islands Western Province, Makira Province, Renbel Province and Isabel Province.

Implementation of this project began after the successful signing of the Grant contract between the European Union Delegation Office in Honiara and Live & Learn. Achievement so far includes:

  • Staff capacity building on conducting of a Research of Aspirations and Perceptions (RAP) on human rights issues and democracy
  • Conducting of RAP research activities in four provinces
  • Preparation and presentation of an inception report to stake holders