Emergency Safe Water - Fiji

Emergency Safe Water Action in Target Schools and Communities in Flood affected areas in Fiji

Through this project, 17 x 5,000 litre rainwater tanks have been installed. A total of 3600 community members and children from 9 schools and 5 communities in the Nadroga/Navosa District understand the importance of having access to safe quality drinking water, know how to manage the rainwater harvesting system and are aware of good hygiene and sanitation practices.

We have also worked on improving water governance in the targeted communities and schools benefiting more than 500 community members including women and children.

The assessment and testing of all fresh water sources on the island in schools and communities has benefited 500 community members including women and children.

Comments from project recipients

“The project has provided us with a basic need for the school community. It has provided us with a new life and has given us assistance that will change the way students look at personal hygiene and provided us access to safe and clean drinking water at all times.” Head Teacher, Malomalo Primary School.

“We are blessed to be part of this water rehabilitation project as we are always affected regular water cuts due to heavy rain or flood. The assistance given through the project means that our classes will not be disrupted again in future. The water tank provided and the training for hand washing has taught us to manage our water wisely and live a clean and healthy life.” Contact Teacher, Cuvu District School.

"Water is important and we must not allow our animals to pollute the rivers. People also dump rubbish in the rivers which pollutes water. An anti pollution law should be made for schools and communities. We must plant trees to stop soil erosion because soil fills up rivers and cause flooding." (Collective of response from students in the Nadi Schools)