Climate Change Education in Secondary Schools across Viet Nam

Live & Learn Viet Nam, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Training, is working towards the development and training of climate change education programs in secondary schools across Viet Nam.

These projects are:

Introducing climate change education into secondary school network in Vietnam

Timeframe: September 2012- June 2013

The project enhanced knowledge and influenced behaviours of students of 15 secondary schools on climate change issues through friendly designed Climate change education materials and implementation of students generated climate changes initiatives.

Cascading and embedding climate change education into secondary schools across Viet Nam

Timeframe: September 2013- June 2014

The project aims at consolidating and institutionalising climate change materials into comprehensive training packages including teacher training for the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to adapt and include into formal secondary education.

Thirty teachers from three provinces will be trained as master-trainers and be mobilised by MOET to carry out official trainings in the provinces. Three hundred teachers will be given knowledge, skills and materials to carry out cascade training for teachers in their schools. As a result, 30,000 students across Viet Nam will have increased awareness and new attitudes towards the environment and be ready to take action as environmental ambassadors.