What we do

Peace education activities with students in Fiji

Peace Building

Strengthening peace and natural resource based conflict management at the community level. 


Solomon Islands environmental governance workshop

Environmental Governance

Improve community governance and decision-making on environmental resources

Hand-washing education in Fiji


Safeguarding drinking water, improving hygiene and access to basic sanitation.

Sustainable Use of Biodiversity

Mobilising communities in sustainable use of terrestrial and non-terrestrial resources.

Food security workshop held as part of climate change awareness.

Climate Change

Heightening climate change awareness and advocacy.

Harnessing the sun's power in Fiji

Sustainable Energy

Promoting and advancing appropriate and renewable energy technology at community level.

Waste management in Eritrea

Waste Management

Developing community-based waste management and reduction options

Active volcano in Papua New Guinea

Disaster Preparedness

Heightening disaster preparedness at community level.

PES (Payment for Ecosystem Services)

An ethical programme that supports landowners by replacing income from unsustainable activities (e.g.logging or palm oil), with income from forest protection and reforestation.

Human Rights and Gender

Raising awareness of human rights with a focus on gender equity, child rights and inclusive natural resource management.