Newsletters - Fiji Office

Live & Learn Fiji Office produces a newsletter "Human Nature" that showcases the work happening in Fiji. For more information about this newsletter please contact the Fiji Office.

Issue 25 - February 2013

Workshop held to establish community-based river care committees.
Training of teachers, parents, children and school committees to rehabilitate their WASH facilities.
Awareness raising to support human rights and social participation of women in remote areas of Fiji.
Grassroots democracy - Youth forum.
School Peace building workshops held in 16 schools.

Issue 24 - July 2012

Live & Learn Fiji receives core funding from AusAID
Professional development training for teachers
Young people in Grassroots Communities forum
Networks established in remote areas of Fiji
Communities participate in climate change adaptation training
REDD+ Fiji - 'Preserving our Forests and Protecting our Future'

Issue 23 - January 2012

Kids To Forest - A hands-on pilot project on the value of forests
Asia-Pacific Forestry Week - Live & Learn focusses on forest education for children
Strengthening the Participation of Children in Peace Building
Live & Learn Highlights from 2011 - WASH, REDD+ and Climate Change Adaptation

Issue 22 - September 2011

Children in Development - Launch and Inception Workshop
REDD+ - Project updates and visit to Brussels
Inauguration of Live & Learn's Local Advisory Board
Grassroots Democracy - Youth Forum and Highlights from the National Youth Day Celebrations
AusAID WASH Community Update
EU Women's Community Follow-up
WWF Climate Change Workshop and Meetings
Rio+20 Pacific Preparatory Meeting held in Apia, Samoa
Move to 53 Imthurn Road and Karen's Farewell

Issue 21 – June 2011

Launching Live & Learn REDD
Building Grassroots Democracy in Fiji – Youth Empowered through Actions
UNDP Social Accountability Workshop
Improved Water, Sanitation & Hygiene in Communities
Teachers Professional Development – WASH Education for Sustainable Development with Teachers
Supporting Human Rights and Social Participation for Women in Remote Areas
World Water Day 2011
Launch of the International Year of the Forest

Issue 20 – March 2011

Communities Empowered by Typhoid Awareness Campaign
Basic Business Management Skills for Sanitation Enterprises
Grassroots Democracy Youth Forum
Supporting Human Rights and Social Participation for Women in Remote Areas in Fiji
Wrap Up for Waste Wise Communities – Rotuma
Building Live & Learn Regional Staff Capacity
National Biodiversity Action Plan Forum

Issue 19 – December 2010

Opening of Sanitation Parks in Tailevu and Naitasiri
World Water Day Update 2010
Global Hand Washing Schools Campaign 2010
RAP in the Solomon Islands
RAP Training Supporting Human Rights
Building Grassroots Democracy
Training and Workshops
Youth for Wastewise Communities – Rotuma

Issue 18 – September 2010

Youth Empowerment
Sanitation Marketing
Human Rights Launch
Resources Trialled with Teachers
Sufficient Lont-term Water Plan for Mali Island
Live & Learn Strategic Planning
Stories from the Field
Live & Learn Engages in Peace & Development Dialogue
A Visit from Live & Learn Indonesia

Issue 17 – June 2010

Live & Learn Gifts Informal Settlements
NZAid Project Wraps Up
World Water Day 2010 – update
Women in Remote Areas in Fiji
Grassroots Democracy
Live & Learn in Mali
Environment Week 2010
Live & Learn Restructures
RAP – Curriculum Development

Issue 16 – March 2010

World Water Day 2010
Plan for Disasters Training
Grass Roots Democracy
Workshop with a difference
WWF launches Landcare Project
Live & Learn Forges Forward in 2010
The Live & Learn Experience

Issue 13 – June 2009

Emergency Safe Water Actions
Hope for Sustainable Livelihoods
Researching in Rural and Agricultural Communities
Investigating Gender Aspects in Water and Sanitation
RiverCare - School Actions
Environmental Leadership Training in the US
Grant Awards in 2009

Issue 12 – March 2009

World Water Day 2009
Rotuma Communities Undergo Training
RiverCare Makes Headstart for 2009
Visions of Hope and Peace
Improving Schools Environment

Issue 11 – November 2008

Youth Leaders for Waste Wise Communities in Rotuma
World Water Day 2008
Celebrating National Hand Washing Day 2008
RiverCare District Networks in Action
Peace Day Celebrations
Live & Learn Embarks on a New Project

Issue 9 – September 2007

On the Road to Sustainability
Sustainable Communities Success Stories
Peace Bus in Vanua Levu
RiverCare Aqua Youth
Cook Islands Water Quality Monitoring Training

Issue 8 – June 2007

Towards Peace Building Education for Children in Fiji
Rapid Assessment of Perceptions (RAP)
Peace Education Activities and Toolkits
Peace Bus
Developing Sustainable Communities

Issue 7 – March 2007

World Water Day 2007 – Our Islands with Water
Developing Sustainable Communites – Vunibau Community Administration Centre
Rainwater Tank Delivery
Governing Water
Imagining Tomorrow – HOPE for Peace

Issue 6 – September 2006

Advancing Water Governance
Women and Sustainable Water Governance
Developing Sustainable Communities (FFONSA)
Eastern RiverCare Network Established
RiverCare Update
Imagining Tomorrow – HOPE

Issue 5 – June 2006

Imagining Tomorrow Launch
Governing Water
RiverCare Update
Helping Our Planet Earth – HOPE
Developing Sustainable Communities