Volleyball in PNG

Papua New Guinea

Live & Learn Environmental Education was registered in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as a “not for profit, non government organisation” in 2003. It is part of the Asia/Pacific regional Live & Learn network which operates fairly independently but in close consultation with other country offices in the region, the Pacific regional office based in Fiji and the International office based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our mission, which draws from the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the overall mission of the Live & Learn Environmental Education regional network, seeks to encourage self reliance, healthy living, environmentally conscious practices and sustainable development.

We have a vision for a PNG that is environmentally sustainable and rich in biodiversity with well-educated and healthy communities enjoying a good quality of life. For any organisation to achieve its mission and vision it needs to have a clear direction to guide its activities and programmes and be clearly focused. We seek to achieve this through education, partnership-building and information-sharing with individuals, communities and other stakeholders.

Our main aim is to advance sustainable development through education and learning. Our priority is to support schools, communities and local economies by improving practice and innovation. Most of our time and resources are spent with people in their communities inspiring action and change.