Northern Territory

The Northern Territory (NT) is a vast area of Australia, with a very low population density and a significant proportion of the population living in remote areas. In area, the NT covers around one sixth of the Australian continent and is equivalent to the combined areas of France, Spain and Italy.

The NT office was established with a primary goal to provide services and opportunities to the Indigenous (Aboriginal) peoples, whom constitute approximately one quarter of the NT population, and make up 44% of Australia’s indigenous population who live in remote communities.

Aboriginal people are Australia’s first people, and represent a wide diversity of different cultures. However, Aboriginal people are also Australia’s most disadvantaged, with much lower levels of education, healthcare, employment, economic opportunity and life expectancy than the Australian average.

The NT office also works with non-indigenous people living in remote townships such as Alice Springs, where challenges for sustainable development include remoteness, isolation and the extreme climate. In this environment our work focuses on increasing community resilience, transitioning to more sustainable use of resources such as water and energy, and promoting increased local production of food and other services.


In contrast to the Northern Territory, Victoria is Australia's most populated state. It is the smallest and Southernmost state of the Australian mainland, and has a highly centralised population, with around 75% of Victorians living in the state capital, Melbourne.

Victoria is also the most heavily cleared state in the country, with about 66% of its native forests having been felled since colonisation. Live & Learn have recently commenced projects in the Central Highlands, which are around 80 kilometres North-East of Melbourne, aimed at improving community awareness on the value of the remaining forests and the need for their protection. Live & Learn have been working with various local environmental groups in the Central Highlands to carry out these projects, such as Warburton Environment and ECOSS.