Live & Learn Multimedia

Climate Change: Everyone's business (REDD+ Pacific Program)

Live & Learn has recently produced a climate change animation. Climate Change: Everyone's business uses a fun approach to explain the basics of climate change and the problems relating to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. The animation has been produced in English, Solomon Islands' Pidgin, Fijian and Bislama.

English Version: Solomon Islands Version:


Fijian Version: Bislama Version:



Step-By-Step Composting Guide (Solid Waste Management)

Solid waste management has become one of the greatest environmental challenges in Maldives where space is limited and the islands are spread over a large geographical area, making it difficult to implement waste management strategies. Live & Learn Maldives recently made a step-by-step composting guide to address the problem of solid waste and offer a practical guide to re-using waste as an environmentally sustainable fertilizer. The video is in Dhivehi.


Floating Sanitation on the Tonle Sap (Floating Latrine Design)

As part of the Floating Latrine Design project in Cambodia, Engineers Without Borders volunteer, Rob Hughes, produced the following video showing the work that is being done to promote sanitation technology appropriate for floating communities, by Live & Learn and Engineers Without Borders on the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia.


Stories of Change (Tugeda Tude fo Tumoro)

Since 2009 the 'Tugeda Tude fo Tumoro' project has worked to engage women and men from 32 communities across four Solomon Island provinces impacted by logging, to contribute towards more inclusive and environmentally sustainable communities. The film contains interviews with community facilitators recorded during a reflection workshop in September 2011, in the province of Makira.


Invasive Species

This DVD has been produced as a part of the EU funded project called: ¨Testing and modelling preventative measures to limit the spread and ecological impact of invasive species in Small Islands Developing States (SIDS)¨. It contains information on the types of invasive species in Vanuatu, their environmental, social and economic impacts, management options and links to wider networks and other information.