How we work

Our Philosophy

Our development philosophy is a key to the success and sustainability of our work. We believe that the process that leads to change is as important as the change itself. These processes can be captured and tested in different contexts. The strength of these processes is the ability to be replicated and the positive motivational effect of each on communities.

Principle 1

Develop environmental and development education approaches based on community reality and perceptions, resulting from community participatory research analyses.

Principle 2

The well being of whole communities (not formal community leaders only) is the central priority of all programs.

Principle 3

Take an integrated sustainable development approach while being focused on specific entry points into communities such as water quality, forest or reef conservation.

Principle 4

Make project evaluation (and the process of sustainable development) meaningful to communities.


The Live & Learn Model

To work under this philosphy, Live & Learn works through the MAIA Model for Action and Learning. MAIA aims to manage natural resources based conflict and promote eco-system-based dialogue and community sustainability.



Live & Learn is committed to environmental and sustainable development education that is innovative, culturally relevant and grounded in local knowledge. To ensure that our projects meet these requirements we use two key methodologies: Research of Aspirations and Perceptions and Most Significant Change techniques.