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Emergency supply of water to communities in need


Tropical Cyclone PAM has devastated Vanuatu and caused unprecedented harm to already vulnerable and exposed communities around the islands. Rural population has been affected the most. Live & Learn was among the first to head out to the field in order to gather first-hand information from affected communities regarding their priority needs in the aftermath of the cyclone.

Live & Learn Vanuatu: Delivering emergency supply of water to communities in need. Households identified lack of clean water as their main concern. Most of their water tanks have been damaged or destroyed by the cyclone and wells contaminated. Many people, including women and children, are forced to walk, in the sun, for more than half an hour one way to reach freshwater. Some are so desperate they boil and drink seawater. It is easy to imagine how happy they are each day to see us. Plastic bottles, buckets, tea pots are coming from all directions. People gather around the truck and shared their stories with us. Spirits are high, and for a brief moment problems are forgotten. Therefore, while filling up buckets and bottles, our WASH officers also use this opportunity to remind people, young and old, about the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation practices during these difficult times. However, time is limited, because our water tank gets empty “too soon”. Nevertheless, we always drive off smiling, knowing that we have helped many people. And that we will help many more tomorrow. That is what we do, that is why we are here.

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